DVLS Integrated Combine Services


Business Plans Development: Writing and Development of existing and prospective businesses at avoidable cost.

Feasibility Studies: Study of economical, political, social and environmental factors that can hinder and or promote the business.

Business Process Re-engineering: Taking your business to a greater height, moving from good to great.

Business Registration / Incorporation: Be formal and official! We help in business registration with Corporate Affairs Commission and other relevant Nigeria Government institution.

Brand Development: Useful creation of brand suitable to your business environment and to the entire world.

Intellectual Property Registration (Trademark & Patent/Copyright): We help cooperate organization to register Trademark, Patent/Copyright with Federal Government of Nigeria.

Filing of Annual Returns with the Corporate Affairs Commission: We carry out filling of annual return with Corporate Affairs Commission


Bad Loan Recovery: Recovery of Bad Loans/Debts with the application of the best recovery strategies.

Excess Bank Charges Recovery: We discover and recover excess bank charges from your bank account

Credit, Risk, and Debt Managements: We do carry out or re-examine credit about to or granted any unfavourably clause/condition and advisory about the risk involve. Analyses of risk factors and mitigants ranging from specific risk, sectoral risk, political risk, currency risk, etc.


At DVLS Integrated Combine Services, we deliver unbeatable business support solutions that help our clients achieve the critical support capabilities which result in major business differentiations and drives competitive edge.

Over the years, sourcing the right-fit resources for specific business operations used to be a major concern for C-Level Executives. Everyone dreads the impact of the Time, Cost and Energy expended on every misfit in an organization. With DVLS Services, you are guaranteed of investing these invaluable resources in critical support asset rather than expending them.

As a leader in the industry, DVLS Integrated Combine Services has consistently nurtured and invested in unique innovations in the outsourcing space, and this humble commitment has helped us attain and retain the "Numerous One" position in the industry.

When you sign up with DVLS Services therefore, you do not only gain access to our verse and varied solutions; you also gain instant access to Management Consulting Expertise developed by choice professionals with combined experience of over 40 years.

Request Training
Organizations spend so much time than they planned for on non – revenue generating activities such the Human Resource Management of their firms. These are administrative activities that tend to delay the optimal productivity of the enterprise thereby redirecting the energy within the company that should have been used at the core – competencies of the firm.

However, Outsourcing provides a panacea with a holistic approach that enhances operational activities. It improves processes and reduces organizational expenditures while providing a platform to strategically re-position your business.

While chose DVLS Services as Your Outsourcing Provider
The effect of the quality of technological infrastructures on the culture, efficiency and expenditures of a business cannot be overemphasized. That is why at DVLS Services, technology is our major strong point as most of our processes ride on this – Sourcing of candidates is done through a web enabled portal, and we deployed online management system for the training and development of all outsourced staff.

Recruitment Request
We devote whole departments to critical processes such as Recruitment and Selection, Background Checks and Verifications, Payroll, Employee Health Services, Employee Support and Client Services among others. This is what other companies combine together to function as a unit.


Portfolio, Fund and Asset Management: DVLS Services render advisory services to high network individual on where to invest for maximum return in Nigeria economy. To effectively manage their surplus fund and effective utilization of asset.

Note: DVLS Integrated Combine Services is NOT Money/Fund Deposit/Financial Institution. We only render advisory services on this aspect.

Financial Intermediation and Advisory Services: Also similar to the first one. DVLS Services also create awareness about money laundry act. And back-up all in compliance with regulating agencies in Nigeria ranges from Economic and Financial Crime Commission (EFCC), SCUML, NDIC, etc.

Long / Short term Fund Sourcing (Debt/Equity): DVLS Services sources fund for its clients through any of financial institutions, to guide against any misappropriation of fund or money laundry.


Fundamental and Technical Analyses of Company due for Merger/Acquisition/Expansion

Fundamental Analyses: Management, Risk and Volatility;

Technical Analyses: Acid Test Ratios, Three (3) Financials Statement - Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss, and then Cash Flow Statement from Operating, Financing and Investing.

Investors and Tender Presentations: Which is about the Nigeria Demographic, Ethnicity and Languages, Political Structure and Government, The Economy, Economic Indicators, etc.

The Nigerian Capital Market: We do tender presentation, resources and available sector where they can invest.

Conduction of Industry and Company research analysis: On demand, any sector of the economy for the specific reason and aspect of the industry needed.

Deal Structuring, Pricing and Execution: Pricing, Execution and Deal structuring on any product and services.

Investment Analysis and Management: Project investment costing, Return On Investment analysis and management of investment.

Turnaround for a company undergoing:
- Financial Distress
- Operational Distress
- Technical Distress
- Procedural Distress
This can be reframed as Pre-Surgical Turnaround for company experiencing any of the above mentioned symptoms. Why? We have professionals / experts which operate in any such industry for the maximum of two (2) years, according to the world standard. DVLS Services salvage such situation.


Research and Trading in Capital Market, Money Market Instruments and commodity Market: We only research and provide most nearly accurate data from capital and money markets for potential investors / entrepreneurs. Financial Institutions, Issuing Houses, Stockbrokers and others that licensed by Securities & Exchange Commission. SEC can trade on the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE).


- Manufactures' representation and e-commerce

- Deal structuring, pricing and execution.

- Marketing

- Import

- Export

- Process registration with Nigeria Export Promotion Council (NEPC) to obtain exporter certificate

- Provision of international trade data

- Export Expansion Grant(EEG) application processing

- Packaging for export development and advisory

- Trade fair/Show organization

Our Mission

To be the company that best understands and satisfies the product, service and fulfillment needs of entrepreneurs, shareholders, clients and employees.” DVLS Services offers clients reliable, quality information and proposals that will foster business development in a more professional with less risky way, and market research that will maximize business expansion and realistic profit value for its services, and delivering an even higher value to its clients. Initial focus will be development of the local market clientele.

Our Vision

Our vision is "to be one of the best professional service providers in the world."

Core Values

While, priding ourselves as the pioneers of creative business support services in the area of credit, risk and debt Management, in this world’s ever dynamic business environment, we make sure we are guided by the acronym “PLAID”
> Professionalism;
> Loyalty;
> Absolute Integrity;
> Innovation;
> Diligence.